The Nexus between Prison, Radicalization and Terrorism

In cooperation with the Israeli Prison Services (IPS)

The Nexus between Prison, Radicalization and Terrorism

The nature of terrorism is constantly evolving and most countries of the world today are faced with the threat of terrorism. In response, states have amped up their efforts to capture terrorists who are threatening their civilians. As a result, the number of security prisoners, and those convicted of terrorism, is on the rise throughout the globe. This has brought a number of challenges to the fore, including the potential use of prisons as hubs of radicalization, recruitment and planning by terror groups.


This workshop will detail the issues that law enforcement agencies are facing around the world as a result of the increased incarceration of security prisoners. This will include discussions of prisoner placement, methods for intelligence collection from inmates, division of inmates, effectively accompanying inmates after their release and countering radicalization.


Chair: Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Orit Adato, Associate, ICT, IDC Herzliya and Former Commissioner, Israeli Prison Services (IPS), Israel

Col. Regev Daharug, Executive Assistant to the Commissioner; Former Commander of Masada Unit & Head of Operations Branch, Israel Prison Services (IPS), Israel

Mr. Angel Vincente Lopez Muriel, Co-chair, RAN Working Group on Prison and Probation & Director, Security Department, Prison of Madrid, Spain

Mr. Pierre Maitrot, Head, Security & Intelligence Division, National Prison Administration, Ministry of Justice, France at the French Ministry of Justice

Mr. Pedro das Neves, CEO, Innovative Prison Systems (IPS), Portugal

Dr. Martin Hiestand, Head of Division, International Suppression of Terrorism, Law Relating to Crimes against the State, Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, Germany

Mr. Thorkild Fogde, Director, Criminal Investigation Authority & Former Police Director, Copenhagen Police, Denmark 

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