The Future of Global Jihad

In cooperation with the International Counter-Terrorism Academic Community (ICTAC) & The Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University

The Future of Global Jihad

Terror organizations today, such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, have refrained from limiting their circles of activity to one area and instead seek to spread jihad around the globe. This has made almost every region vulnerable to the threat of terrorism, with each reason dealing with their own variation of the phenomenon.

The workshop on the Future of Global Jihad will discuss current areas of activity of global jihad actors, identifying the key threats in several areas including Yemen, Africa and the Middle East. The workshop will also discuss trends in global jihadi movements, attempting to predict the future of global jihad, with an aim to foster solution building on the topic.



Dr. Eitan Azani- Deputy Executive Director, ICT and Head of BA & MA Specializations in Counter-Terrorism, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy, IDC Herzliya, Israel

Ms. Rita Katz, Director, SITE Intelligence Group, United States

Mr. Charles Lister- Senior Fellow & Director of the Extremism and Counterterrorism Program, Middle East Institute (MEI), United States

Mr. Jacob Zenn- Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University & Fellow, Jamestown Foundation, United States

Chair: Mr. Brian Jenkins- Senior Advisor to the President, RAND Corporation and Member of the Professional Advisory Board, ICT, IDC Herzliya, United States

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