Counter-Terrorism & Emerging Technologies - AI, Crypto & Big Data

Counter-Terrorism & Emerging Technologies:

AI, Crypto & Big Data

Effectively countering terrorism today, requires experts to stay ahead of the game, and to create solutions to mitigate future threats. With the constant emergence of new technologies, and the increased use of the cyber space for everyday activities such as banking, analytics, and even everyday cleaning, the threat of terrorism becomes evident.

While technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cryptocurrency may seem harmless, their functions can be hijacked and used for malicious, or terrorism purposes. With the potential for artificial intelligence technologies to be used as autonomous weapons, or other malicious actions, and with the increasing use of cryptocurrency for funding of terror organizations, there is a need to learn how to predict and prevent future use of these technologies for terrorism purposes and to create appropriate solutions. On the other side, Big Data Analysis has been proven an effective counter-terrorism tool as seen by its used by Israel to curb the number of lone wolf attackers who left a “warning on the wall".  Identifying the threats that stem from the emergence of these technologies is the primary purpose of this workshop.



Co-Chair: Prof. Liav Orgad, Senior Researcher, ICT, IDC Herzliya, & Director, Global Citizenship Governance, EUI Florence & WZB Berlin, Israel

Co-Chair: Dr. Jennifer Woodard, Co-Founder & CEO, Insikt Intelligence, Spain

Mr. Yaniv Cohen, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), National Cyber Unit, Israeli National Police, Israel

Mr. Omri Timianker, Director, Intelligence Academy,Portuguese Republic Intelligence System (SIRP), Portugal

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